Eddi in Shoei Helmet

Get in Gear – Motorcycle clothing is not about fashion. Mostly

When working in Australia, especially in the construction business, there is one acronym everyone knows: PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. You better don’t get caught not wearing your protective glasses during the pre-start meeting because the safety focus on wearing PPE on construction sites is omnipresent. Although people have to adhere the strict Australian safety […]

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Australia Voting Thumbnail

Australia Voting System explained

Before reading on get in the right mood for the article with this Alice Cooper song from the ’70s:       Between the American presidential election and the British referendum about an exit from the European Union, the “Brexit”, you could easily forget that Australia has a federal election going on. I am very […]

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beef tongue thumbnail

Beef Tongue

Yes, people have concerns about eating something that “someone had already in their mouth” but Beef Tongue is one of my absolute favourite dishes. It is not only delicious and very tender meat but also contains low fat, is very inexpensive and easy to cook. If you are disgusted by the thought of eating tongue […]

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The ALDI effect

ALDI (short for “Albrecht Diskont”) is rushing through Australia like Troy Buswell through a parking lot and for sure they both they take no prisoners. For most people ALDI is just another discounter that tries to get a foot into the Australian market which is currently dominated by the big three: Woolworths, Coles and IGA. […]

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Beef Brisket on the Barbecue with rotisserie

BBQ: Beef Brisket

I have to admit it. Although I don’t like cooking shows like “MKR” I enjoyed “BBQ Pitmasters”, at least the first season. The second season is a bit too overproduced for my liking. Anyway since “BBQ Pitmasters” I wanted to barbecue a “Beef Brisket”. A lot of people say it is one of the hardest […]

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